Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week's new recipe

I'm a day early because T's schedule has me in the office on Monday this week.

Last week, I made the Scallop Chowder with White Beans and Leeks. It was extremely easy to make. I found it alright, but I wasn't floored by it. T enjoyed it and Monkey was not impressed (though she did enjoy the scallops!). So, while it's not something I'll make on a regular basis, it is something I'll make again.

The Fried Chicken Rollups were extremely pleasing to our taste buds. They were a lot more high maintenance than I like for a meal, though. By high maintenance, I mean they required my standing over the pan the entire time, start to finish. I prefer cooking things I can step away from if I need to (you know, frying a steak you can pick up the kitchen before you flip it kind of deal). So, this too is something I won't be making on a regular basis, but it will be made again.

Now on to this week. We'll be going to our Hannaford Fresh magazine again (and there's only 1 recipe this week).

T's choice for this week is a Beef Bourguignon. It sounds really good and fairly easy. We all know how much I like easy!


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