Monday, January 19, 2009

New recipes for the week

That's correct. You're reading correctly. We've been having such success with our new recipes, we're going to try two recipes this week.

Last week's Shrimp Nests were a hit. Monkey loves pasta and peppers, but I wasn't sure how she'd like the shrimp. Her exposure to seafood has been fairly limited. Now that we're well past the 1 year mark and my worries about seafood allergies are gone, we've been letting her see it more (we had lobster in November as a big treat one night - I let her try mine and she spit it out!). In the past week alone, she's tried haddock, shrimp and then clams at GFT's house Friday night. She enjoyed each very much.

So this week, we're going to introduce her to scallops. I should also disclose that seafood has been my big craving lately with my pregnancy. AND, I'm trying to add a dish a week to our diet so we get more of the good nutrients found in fish/seafood. I may even suck it up and get over my dislike for salmon to make it once or twice, too (don't count on it, though!).

Hannaford puts out Fresh, a bimonthly magazine full of recipes. It's $2 - or free if you spend $25 or more. We just got the January/February 2009 edition and there were quite a few recipes to pique our interest. Scallop Chowder with White Beans and Leeks is on the menu for this week.

The boys across the street came to see T one day. They were selling magazine subscriptions for charity. None of the magazines on the list interested T (or those that did, we already receive). Since it was for a cause, he wanted to find SOMETHING to help them out. Then he noticed Every Day with Rachael Ray. We received our second copy last week. Again, there were quite a few recipes to catch our attention.

My choice for this week are the Fried Chicken Rollups (I had a hard time finding this one online to share!). Chicken and cheese? How could we possibly go wrong with this one? I just need to figure out what kind of veggies to serve on the side to round out the meal.



Anonymous said...

We get "Fresh" at the grocery store every month and really enjoy it. We have made a lot of recipes from it and keep all of them im my magazine rack by my recliner. SNS also has a monthly organic magazine that we get, it good but not anything like the the "Fresh" mag...

Anonymous said...

FYI- The Hannaford "Fresh" magazine is really free, even though it says the $2 thing.

Jodi said...

I have had to pay for it once in the past. Which is why I never grab it unless I know I'm over the $25 - to be safe. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well Jo,
I get it for you when I'm working, and mail it down to you!!

Jodi said...

I was wondering who the Anonymous poster with such Hannaford knowledge was. HAHAHA I blame the pregnant brain for not putting it together sooner.

Believe me - I do enough shopping at Hannaford that I'm always able to get it. For free now.

PS - leave some kind of name next time, even if it's just Brat. ;-)

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