Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday organization

What's next?

I'm at a small stand still with the organizing. I did a lot last week. And then I got a delivery of lots of work for the subcontractor I work for on the side, so between him and work I've been pretty much attached to Quickbooks ever since.

I think my next project needs to be the hallway closet. As you can see, it's quite a jumbled mess (I can't believe I'm sharing a picture of this mess, but then again, it IS better than the closet in our bedroom still....).

I'm thinking yet another hanging shoe organizer will be a great place to store all of my extra bed linens and the air mattress. These are all currently stored in the guest closet which I'm slowly but surely emptying out for New Bean.

I need to move the booze off the top shelf (sorry Dad - your BV is going to be hidden in a new spot next time you visit.. hehe) and find a new home for the few games we own. Then I'll have room for spare pillows and/or sleeping bags on the top shelf. These, too, are in the guest closet at the moment.

Some of these coats can make their way into the basement. We have a rack down there for extra, out of season outerwear. And the life jackets have no business upstairs in the first place, so those will definitely be moving.

If possible, I may be able to fit a cheap, low bookshelf in the back of the closet, but I don't think I'll need to.

The only thing I can't move to a new spot is the vacuum. This is the only hiding place I have for it, and I kind of like having it in a central location.

So, there you have it. Yet another project in the works. Stay tuned for an update..... in a week or two (or three?).

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Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I love the booze on the top shelf . . . makes me feel right at home!

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